What do you need to bring to Sheble Aviation?

Sheble Aviation

sheble aviationSheble aviation is a by the book operation so its worth taking a bit time to get everything organized before you head to alpha 20.  Here’s a minimum list of what you will need to show up with:

ALL of your logbooks
Current medical certificate – Class 2 if you are taking a commercial checkride
Pilot’s license
Driver’s License or some form of government issued photo ID
Passport or Birth Certificate to prove that you are a US citizen.
Cash!  Each checkride that you are planning to take is going to cost you 500 US dollars in cash which is not included in your course fee.  There are banks in the area, but you are going to be busy and the last thing you want to do is drive around looking for ATMs in the middle of the night so go to the bank before you leave.  Put your 500 dollars cash in an envelope.  Designated pilot examiners take their jobs very seriously and I think that its a sign of respect to give them their payment in cash in an envelope.

Here are a few things that I think you should do before you go to Sheble aviation as well:

Take your knowledge tests before you go.  If you are going to make the most of your time at Sheble aviation in Arizona, you’ll want to be flying, not sitting in a classroom taking tests.  Get the knowledge tests out of the way before you go, so that you can maximize the use of your time in Arizona.  Plus, I find that flight instructors take you more seriously when you show up ready to fly.
Create an IACRA account with the FAA.  follow this link https://iacra.faa.gov/iacra/ to the FAA website for computerized processing of new certificates and applications.  Create a username and a password and write them down somewhere where you won’t lose them — like the inside of your logbook.
Get really familiar with the FAA form 8710 — especially the flight hours section of the form.  You can click on the link below to get a PDF copy of 8710 that you can print out before your check ride.

FAA 8710

If you are serious about flight training, one of the best things that you can do to keep track of your time accurately is to buy a copy of Log 10 Pro and transfer all of your flight hours.  Log 10 pro is an electronic log book that runs on macs and ipads and can be downloaded from the app store.  For more information, visit www.coradine.com.

Making an electronic copy of your log books is a major pain if you’ve got a lot of time, but at least you’ll have a complete copy in case you ever loose your log books.  Log 10 Pro will then spit out a completed 8710 flight hours form which saves a lot of hassle in terms of adding up a bunch of .6 and .8 hours.  Here’s a screenshot of Log 10 Pro’s menu for all the different forms you can export your time in, and a screenshot of my completed FAA 8710 that I printed out before I left for Arizona.

I love Log 10 pro.  It makes it really easy to correct any mistakes that you have made in the way that you categorized your time and if you put the correct airport identifiers in the program it will automatically calculate the straight line distance for cross country flights for you.

Log 10 Pro flight tracking  Log 10 FAA 8710  LOG-10-PRO-FAA-8710

If you go through your logbooks really carefully before you leave for Sheble aviation, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and you’ll be sure that you meet all of the aeronautical experience requirements before you show up.  This isn’t that critical for the multi-engine check ride, but it is REALLY IMPORTANT if you are taking a commercial check ride at the same time.

For example, the commercial airplane single engine land checkride specifies that you must have one cross-country flight of not less than 300 nautical miles total distance, with landings at a minimum of three points, one of which is a straight-line distance of at least 250 nautical miles from the original departure point.

The best way to demonstrate that you have this requirement met, is to go to skyvector.com and put in the flight with the correct take off and landing points and print out a copy of the screen shot.  For example, here is a screen shot of a flight that I used to meet my long cross country flight experience.  I printed this out and gave it to my instructor at the beginning of the check in process to show that I had the required flight experience.  (click on the image to enlarge it).

flight training cross country

Finally, get a REALLY good headset.  It is a proven medical fact that exposure to noise increases your sense of fatigue and slows your reaction times.  Check my references, this data is real!  I personally use a Lightspeed Zulu headset with active noise reduction.  This headset is comfortable, the noise reduction works really well, and while it is an expensive headset at 900 bucks, in my opinion it is really worth it.

Lightspeed ZULU headset



Fatigue after work in noise – an epidemiological survey study

Published in Noise and Health, 1988.

The contribution of noise exposure to fatigue at work was studied in a survey study and three field studies. The survey study was based on a questionnaire covering symptoms and work place exposure answered by 50 000 state employees. Noise exposure was also estimated from their type of job and self-rated noise exposure. Fatigue and headache were found to be more common among the noise exposed groups even after control for the effects of other critical variables. Study 2 compared reaction times before and after a week’s work in high noise exposure and one in low exposure exposure in a group of aeroplane mechanics. Reaction times were prolonged after work in the noise week, whereas an opposite trend was seen in the control week. Study 3 showed a gradual increase of reaction times during a week of noise exposure in a group of aeroplane technicians. Study 4 compared reaction times and subjective fatigue among naval crews on a day with low and a day with high noise exposure. In one of the studied boat types the development of fatigue during the work day was accentuated on the day with high exposure.

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