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sheble flight instructionHere is a slide show of one week of flight training at Sheble in the Arizona, Nevada, and California deserts with Sheble Aviation….

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The things that make this place great:

  • Good flying weather nearly (but not quite) 365 days a year
  • Uncontrolled airspace nearby, so no wasting time taxiing around and waiting in the runup area
  • A solid work ethic on behalf of the entire organization
  • Great on-site mechanics who will keep the airplanes in the air
  • On-site Pilot Examiners who will make sure that you get your checkride when it is scheduled

I don’t have much experience at other aviation academies, but this place delivered! ┬áIf you are in the market for flight training, are considering a career with the airlines, want a professional pilot program, or just need an addition rating, this place has got you covered.

Questions about Sheble?

Please Visit the contact page and drop me a line

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1 comment

  1. John A. Sheridan

    Hi Eddy,

    In Jone 2012 I completed my instrument & commercial at your facility as youknow, and I have not received it from the FAA. Yoy had said by end of October 2012 to bring this to your attention if nothing has changed. Senior did my commercial and Joe did my instrument. Both were done on paper not in the computer due to some computer glitches at the time.

    Am currently on military orders in the middle east. Just got off skype with my wife so the status of this with the FAA is still no joy. Please respond to thyis e-mail with what you are going to do about this situation and the course of action you will have taken. My info is in your files.

    I will be back most likely for multi-engine, Sea, and CFI.

    Thank You for your time on this matter,

    John A. Sheridan

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