Aircraft Procedures and Checklists

Aircraft Procedures and Checklists

I like checklists, so I went through the pre-course study material and collected all of the checklists and emergency procedures and organized them in a Aircraft Procedures and Checklists pdf document.  This document is sized so that you can print it in landscape mode, fold it in half, and slip it inside a standard 7 ring Jeppensen approach plate protector.  All of the airspeeds in this guide were in MPH (presumably because the airspeed indicator in their beech is in MPH as well) but when I get back I’ll probably edit this and add a KIAS version as well.

BE 95 CheckList

The first page is the a/c data sheet, which lists all of the relevant data that you would get asked in a BFR or checkride situation about this airplane.

Aircraft Procedures and Checklists

The second page is a tabulated form of all of the procedures that are scattered through their online version of the POH.

And finally, I have a little program for taking the weight and balance data for an aircraft and putting it into microsoft excel so that you can plug in various different parameters and it will automatically graph where the center of gravity is with respect to the published limits.  This excel spreadsheet can be dowloaded by clicking here: BE 95 Weight and Balance Worksheet


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