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Multi Engine Rating transitioning to twins

so you want to fly twins

Multi Engine Rating Transitioning to Twins In 2011, I bought myself a big fat expensive christmas present.  I’ve been a private pilot since I was 16 and I felt like it was time to add a couple of additional ratings to by green plastic card, including a multi engine rating, so I signed up for …

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What do you need to bring to Sheble Aviation?

Sheble Aviation Sheble aviation is a by the book operation so its worth taking a bit time to get everything organized before you head to alpha 20.  Here’s a minimum list of what you will need to show up with: ALL of your logbooks Current medical certificate – Class 2 if you are taking a …

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Beechcraft Travelair

The Beechcraft Travelair On Sheble’s website, they have a pdf document that helps you prepare for flying the Beechcraft Travelair BE-95 Light Twin.  For the sake of this website, I’ve taken that document, cleaned it up, and added to it, so I can use it during my training. Here are the basics….The Beechcraft Travelair is a …

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Aircraft Procedures and Checklists

Aircraft Procedures and Checklists I like checklists, so I went through the pre-course study material and collected all of the checklists and emergency procedures and organized them in a Aircraft Procedures and Checklists pdf document.  This document is sized so that you can print it in landscape mode, fold it in half, and slip it inside …

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Twin Engine Airplane – Flying On One Engine

Twin Engine Airplane It doesn’t take long to realize that most of the challenge of learning to fly a twin engine airplane is learning how to do it on one engine.  Compared to a single engine aircraft, the engines of a twin (with the exception of centerline thrust twins like the Cessna Skymaster) are not …

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The Vmc Demo

Vmc Demo During your transition to twin training, you’ll be asked to perform a “Vmc Demo“.  This is a training maneuver that is very similar to a power on stall demonstration where you will set the aircraft up in a particular configuration in order to demonstrate your ability to recognize the point at which a …

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