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Sheble Aviation

Sheble Here is a slide show of one week of flight training at Sheble in the Arizona, Nevada, and California deserts with Sheble Aviation….     The things that make this place great: Good flying weather nearly (but not quite) 365 days a year Uncontrolled airspace nearby, so no wasting time taxiing around and waiting …

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What do you need to bring to Sheble Aviation?

Sheble Aviation Sheble aviation is a by the book operation so its worth taking a bit time to get everything organized before you head to alpha 20.  Here’s a minimum list of what you will need to show up with: ALL of your logbooks Current medical certificate – Class 2 if you are taking a …

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What Happens When you Get To Flight School Arizona?

Sheble aviation A20

Flight School Arizona In the past, Sheble’s main flight school was in Kingman, Arizona.  Right now, their only location is at SUN VALLEY AIRPORT in western Arizona.  The airport identifier for Sun Valley is Alpha 20 (A20) and it is located just south of Bullhead City, Arizona (KIFP).  Here’s the sectional chart with the location …

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The Engine Out Mantra

Engine Out Here is the Engine Out Mantra that you need to commit to memory right now: POWER UP CLEAN UP IDENTIFY, VERIFY, FEATHER. You’ll repeat these steps so many times during this course that you’ll be saying it to yourself when you fall asleep and repeating it back to yourself when you brush your …

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The Check Ride – The Rehearsal

twin engine checkride

The Check Ride Normally Sheble has onsite examiners perform your check ride at the end of your training course, but on the day that I was supposed to take my check ride for my multi-engine rating, the only designated pilot examiner that had time to examine me was in California and he wanted to meet …

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