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The Check Ride – The Rehearsal

twin engine checkride

The Check Ride Normally Sheble has onsite examiners perform your check ride at the end of your training course, but on the day that I was supposed to take my check ride for my multi-engine rating, the only designated pilot examiner that had time to examine me was in California and he wanted to meet …

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The Check Ride – Part 2

The Check Ride (Continued) The FAA has a lot of rules and regulations (who knew???) for designated pilot examiners to follow and sure enough, my guy did his job by the book.  He was really friendly, and I especially liked the part about how “perfection is not the standard” that is required to pass the …

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The Check Ride – Part 3

The Check Ride – Part 3 (ORAL and PRACTICAL PARTS OF THE EXAM) I finished the written part of the check ride and after we talked about a couple of the answers we went through the maintenance records for the airplane.  Sheble does a great job of preparing a packet with all of the relevant …

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